Forestry & Agriculture Investment Summit 2.1

17 - 18 May 2022
London, Hilton Canary Wharf


The Forestry and Agriculture Investment Summit will cover all aspects of these asset classes and their role in: 

  • shaping climate change
  • greening up portfolios
  • geographical differences and expected carbon and financial returns
  • corporate moves into forestry as a way to reduce their carbon footprints
  • impact investing and what KPIs to use
  • block chain models for investors
  • latest trends in regenerative agriculture
  • agroforestry
  • latest disruptive technologies
  • ownership models and investment structures
  • blended finance
  • managing risks and long term returns
  • new methods and practices that are set to revolutionise these segments

The global pandemic has not removed the need for investors to invest in these asset classes. If anything the pandemic has provided a boost for the sector. Investors are seeing real assets as a hedge against turbulent stock markets, the drive towards carbon zero is putting an even greater need for further investments into carbon accretive assets, forest products are being demanded more in construction, housing and consumer markets like packaging and bioplastics and at the same time as this is pushing up prices on the assets, the rise in demand is pushing up returns. The final agenda, with a wealth of experts from across the sector, will reflect these trends and look to the future, to help investors understand what is around the corner, and how they should react to the future challenges.

17 May 2022
09:20 - 10:20

Felicity Spors will moderate the discussion on

Institutional and Corporate Investor Panel

  • Defining key issues that impact an Investor
  • The Importance of ensuring credible impact investments
  • Integrating financial returns and positive climate outcomes

17 May 2022
14:50 - 15:20

CTO Owen Hewlett will participate in a panel discussion on

Technology Applications + Innovations for Nature Based Carbon Projects

  • The view of the project developer
  • The concept of digital MRV
    o Importance of DMRV vs status quo
    o The role of remote sensing
    o The role of blockchain technologies
    o Other potential DMRV technologies
  • The path to acceptance by the standards
  • Measuring biodiversity

18 May 2022 

Hugh Salway will take part in the panel discussion on

COP26 and the impact of Article 6 on carbon markets

  • Outlining the effect of Article 6 in the long term
  • What does this mean for the 15-fold increase in the VCM
  • How can investors harness this trends?


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Event Dates: Tuesday, May 17, 2022-Wednesday, May 18, 2022