Future of Carbon Pricing

A One-Day Virtual Summit.
27 April 2021

16:25 – 17:10 BST | 17:25 – 18:10 CEST | 11:25 – 12:10 EDT

Hosted by City & Financial Global Virtual Summit

Chief Technical Officer Owen Hewlett joins a panel to discuss the next steps for emissions pricing, including ensuring ambition, legitimacy of carbon credits, and scaling markets.


Having an effective pricing mechanism for carbon is fundamental to achieving the 1.5°C goal outlined by the Paris Agreement, which requires net GHG emissions to fall by 23 Gt worldwide per year by 2030.

The European Commission’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), now running for fifteen years, has set a precedent for others worldwide. While there has been some criticism, it has been effective in many respects. A member since the inception of the EU ETS, the UK government announced in its 2020 Energy White Paper that a UK ETS will start operating from the end of the transition period, i.e. 1 January 2021.

Along with these developments, in June last year, the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets released a consultation document for scaling a voluntary carbon market. As more companies commit to achieving the 1.5°C goal, the voluntary carbon market would run alongside the compliance market to meet an expected increase in demand. In January this year, the full blueprint for the scheme was published, making it the first of its kind for voluntary carbon markets.

January 2021 set the landmark for emissions pricing: the UK ETS was launched, the first ever comprehensive blueprint for voluntary carbon markets was published and the EU ETS entered Stage 4 of its long-term plan. February 2021 has had important implications too when the UK Prime Minister and Chancellor introduced the prospect of a carbon tax. Although tenuous and unlikely to be applied to all sectors, their comments placed carbon taxation back on the agenda for future debate. These discussions will also include ironing out teething problems of the UK ETS, legitimising carbon credits and the potential for carbon border taxes.

City & Financial Global’s timely virtual summit, ‘The Future of Carbon Pricing’ (27th April), will provide a backstop for all of these developments, facilitating discussions between government, industry, investors and the advisory community on the practical implications of them for companies in the round.

Who should attend
The senior management and heads of sustainability, strategy, finance and compliance of all businesses, particularly within the most carbon intensive sectors, along with the senior management of energy and heavy industry advisory firms.


Confirmed speakers to date for this event include:

  • Beatriz Yordi, Head of European & International Carbon Markets, DG CLIMA, European Commission
  • Chris Leeds, Executive Director, Commodity Origination, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Marc Sadler, Manager, Climate Funds Management, World Bank
  • Esteban Mezzano, General Counsel Operations & Sustainability, Nestlé
  • Cynthia Cummis, Director of Private Sector Climate Mitigation, World Resources Institute
  • Lars Kroijer, Founder, AlliedCrowds
  • David Antonioli, Chief Executive Officer, Verra
  • Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer, Gold Standard

Key topics which will be covered at the summit include:

  • The implications of Stage 4 of the EU ETS
  • Ironing out the UK ETS
  • Internationalising carbon pricing using voluntary and compliance mechanisms including the effect of Paris Agreement Article 6
  • An enhanced discussion of voluntary carbon markets
  • Legitimising carbon credits
  • Acceptance of carbon offsetting
  • Next steps for emissions pricing

As demand for attendance at the event is likely to be high, early booking is recommended.

Delegate Fees
Standard Delegate Fee: £495 + VAT
Early Bird Delegate Fee: £395 + VAT (bookings before 5th March)
Gold Standard Discount: Benefit from 20% off by using code CAR1GS20

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Event Dates: Tuesday, April 27, 2021