Gold Standard Market Report 2018

We’ve published our latest Gold Standard Market Report 2018>>, providing market data for 2018, including an overview of our project pipeline, our issuance and retirement figures and how our Standard has performed year-on-year.

  • We saw record high issuances in 2018, with 19.5 million emission reductions being issued from 44 different countries: 16.8 million voluntary Verified Emission Reductions (56% increase over 2017) and 2.7 million labelled Certified Emission Reductions for the compliance market.
  • Growth primarily from wind, cookstove and one large biogas project.
  • 2018 also saw record high voluntary retirements with 9.4 million verified emission reductions retired from our registry – a 19% increase over 2017.


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Event Dates: Friday, April 5, 2019