4-7 June 2019, Singapore

Gold Standard is participating in several side events at this year's Innovate4Climate to advocate for strong sustainable development provisions in market mechanisms and support policies and technologies to scale climate action to meet the ambition of the Paris Agreement.


Carbon markets and the SDGs:
A critical role for sustainable development in Article 6 & beyond

Wednesday 05 June 2019 - 09:30-10:30 

The Sustainable Development Goals depend on planetary boundaries for sustainable life on earth. The need for urgent action toward SDG 13/Climate was underscored in the IPCC Special Report (SR 1.5). However, the Paris Agreement rulebook still contains a gap: Rules for cooperative approaches (Article 6).

Carbon markets with strong sustainable development provisions have demonstrated their ability not only to reduce CO2, but also deliver impact toward countries' development priorities and the Agenda 2030, catalysing more ambition to close the NDC gap.

Which policy lessons can be derived from existing market mechanisms and SR 1.5? How can policy approaches minimize tradeoffs + maximise contributions toward other SDGs? This session explores these questions, including insights from a Party-focused SD Policy Dialog and concrete recommendations for Article 6 text.

Panel includes: 

  • Dr. Friederike Erxleben, DEHSt
  • Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard
  • Christof Arens, Wuppertal Institute 
  • Carsten Warnecke, New Climate Institute
  • Marco Mangini, South Pole


Blockchain to scale climate finance and enhance climate actions

Tuesday 04 June 2019 - 10:45-11:45 

One of the key ways to attract and increase investment in emerging markets is to de-risk real and perceived investment risks by improving transparency and credibility through innovative technologies including blockchain and related digital solutions (e.g. IoT, big data). Together, these tools can help mobilize climate finance and enhance MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) to scale climate actions for both mitigation and adaptation. The panel discussion will include experts in the fields of blockchain, and also public and private finance.

Panel includes: 

  • Tom Baumann, Climate Chain Coalition
  • Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard
  • Lauren Carter, UNDP Invest4Climate 
  • Brianna Welsh, Reneum 
  • Tom Duncan, LiquidToken


Scaling voluntary action across the private sector beyond 2020

Friday 07 June 2019 - 09:30-10:30 

This workshop will highlight how the voluntary carbon market can thrive under the new architecture of the Paris Agreement. It will explore how voluntary climate action across the private sector can catalyze investments in mitigation and adaptation beyond NDC pledges to help close the ambition gap. The session will first highlight the growing leadership and interest from non-state actors to achieve their long term carbon neutrality goals through refined carbon management and offsetting strategies. It will then explore market supply and demand challenges and opportunities beyond 2020, through the lens of project developers and voluntary standards. Experts from a broad range of voluntary market stakeholders will provide inputs to set the stage before moving into a moderated panel conversation. Some time will be allocated to a general discussion to ensure an interactive participation from the audience.

Panel includes: 

  • Sandeep Roy Choudhury, ICROA Co-Chair and Head of Origination at VNV Advisory
  • Mathilde Mignot, Portfolio Manager, EcoAct
  • Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole
  • Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer, Gold Standard Foundation


Please do not hesitate to contact us>> if you'd like to set up a meeting with Gold Standard during I4C. 

Media Category: Events
Event Dates: Tuesday, June 4, 2019-Friday, June 7, 2019