MIT Sustainability Summit 2023

Friday April 28

13:15 EDT (local time)
19:15 CEST

The MIT Sustainability Summit is an annual student-run event that has grown to include hundreds of attendees ranging from professionals, academics and students. Past Summits have featured discussions with thought leaders and expert practitioners alike.

Last year's theme, "From the Ground Up" explored the tremendous impact of grassroots approaches to sustainability. The subject has become increasingly urgent as we overshoot several ecological boundaries, all while failing to provide basic needs for global populations who have been historically marginalized.This year, the summit will focus on de-mystifying carbon markets.

As one of the world’s preeminent research universities, MIT and its five schools --science, engineering, architecture and planning, humanities and social science, and management--are in a unique position to bring business and societal leaders together with academic researchers and students to address challenges in sustainability.

Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer at Gold Standard will join the panel ‘How can standards and market infrastructure truly ensure integrity and drive quality?

This session will be a conversation around quality, incentives, and MRV (measurement, reporting, & verification) within both voluntary and compliance markets. It will focus on key questions about the definition of quality and its different dimensions (additionality, durability, etc) along with governance and policy requirements to maintain high integrity and raise crediting standards.


MODERATOR Lauren Frisch, Climate Trust Lead, Patch

Angela Chen, Research Scientist (Carbon Markets), MIT Sloan Aggregate Confusion Project

Raymond Song, Climate Intelligence Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute

Joanna Klitzke, Strategy & Operations, Stripe

Owen Hewlett, CTO, The Gold Standard Foundation

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Event Dates: Friday, April 28, 2023