Supporting stakeholders through the coronavirus crisis

Gold Standard and SustainCERT are committed to keeping project beneficiaries, developers, and VVBs safe during this unprecedented health crisis.

We acknowledge the potential disruptions faced by Gold Standard projects in light of restricted global movement, especially for important upcoming milestones like stakeholder consultations, scheduled monitoring activities and on-site validation or verification audits by VVBs. We are carefully considering the most updated COVID-19 prevention guidelines to provide the support our stakeholders need.

Our Technical Advisory Committee has approved measures that can be adopted by projects to ensure that they are not adversely impacted during the duration of this crisis, while still maintaining credibility and rigour. This guidance is based on a project’s status, commitments and on-ground circumstances and provides alternatives for:

  • Stakeholder consultation meetings
  • Monitoring activities
  • VVB audits
  • Submission deadlines
Queries on applicability can be sent to covid19@goldstandard.org.

We extend our support to all of you doing important climate + development work around the world and wish each of you good health as we all weather this storm together.
Stay safe, stay healthy.

Margaret Kim                           Marion Verles
CEO, Gold Standard                           CEO, SustainCERT


Media Category: News
Event Dates: Monday, April 6, 2020