UN Climate Summit 2019 (COP25)

02 - 13 December 2019, IFEMA - Feria de Madrid in Madrid, Spain.

As announced by the UNFCCC Secretariat, COP 25 will now take place from 02-13 December in Madrid. Gold Standard will be there to participate in a broad range of events from envisioning the voluntary carbon market post-2020 to advocating for sustainable development in Article 6 and more broadly, to how digitalization and disruptive technologies can provide the greatest positive impact to climate action.

Our schedule to date:

Principles and case studies for disruptive technologies and 1.5°-compliant system transformation
Wednesday 4 Dec 10:30 – 12:00
Hosted by the Climate Ledger Initiative jointly with EIT Climate-KIC
EU Pavilion, Room Brussels

Emerging technologies have given the world unprecedented potential to address humanity’s most pressing challenges. In this side event, the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI) assesses the landscape of emerging digital technologies to identify those most effective for operationalizing policy instruments of the Paris Agreement and accelerating progress to meet the 1.5 degree temperature limit. CLI will launch the second edition of the Navigating Blockchain for Climate Action report, featuring progress from use cases including recommendations for further exploration, implementation, and scaling up.

Climate-KIC will then address practical approaches for whole system transformation initiatives through connected portfolio-based interventions. This provides a practical approach of how to deliberately design for change in high complexity environments to ensure solutions are maximized towards impact and do not result in long-term problems.


  • Sarah Leugers, Gold Standard (moderator)
  • Juerg Fuessler, INFRAS
  • Sven Braden, CLI
  • Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard
  • Ana Lucia Moya Mora, SINAMECC
  • Patrick Bürgi, South Pole


Connecting the dots – Interactive workshop on digitalization and climate action
Wednesday 4 Dec 13:30–15:30
As part of the UNFCCC capacity-building day 
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Envisioning voluntary carbon market post-2020
Thursday 5 Dec 12:00-13:30
Hosted by ICROA in the IETA Pavilion
Speaking for Gold Standard: Owen Hewlett


Advanced MRV solutions for unlocking carbon market potential
Thursday 5 Dec at 15:00-16.30
Hosted by EBRD in the IETA Pavilion

Time-consuming and expensive: two complaints common to conventional emission reductions monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV). However, with the digital revolution already upon us, environmental markets are poised for big changes to embrace new technologies. The EBRD-Spain Integrated Carbon Programme for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region has created an advanced digital approach to MRV. Through automation, this approach can significantly lower transaction costs, improve data quality and increase transparency; these savings allow carbon market actors to engage in further low-carbon development activities. Join us for an update on the automated MRV system and to discuss the opportunities and challenges digital technologies create when applied to market-based instruments.

Speaking for Gold Standard: Owen Hewlett


Sustainable Development impacts under Article 6 
Friday 6 December 10:30-12:00
Hosted by the New Climate Institute in the IETA Pavlion

Projects that reduce GHG often have SD impacts – both positive and sometimes negative. Generating positive co-benefits are important for the voluntary market but also have significant potential for SDGs in Paris based market approaches. However, maximising synergies between GHG mitigation and promoting SD has not always realised its full potential. The informed use of SD indicators and safeguards has the potential to improve effective implementation of SD benefits through transparency, identification and efficient quantification.

Speaking for Gold Standard: Sarah Leugers


Land Matters: Getting to Zero in Corporate Climate Targets
Monday 9 December 9:30-11:00
Hosted by Mars, Inc. in the IETA Pavlion

With more than 500 companies committing to set science based targets, tools and guidelines for accounting for supply chain emissions are emerging, particularly related to accounting for land use change and agricultural practices. Especially now with pressure to align to a 1.5 degree pathway and aim toward net-zero emissions, companies need better tools and guidance around accounting for land use change emissions and carbon removals. Mars, Inc. hosts this discussion on the emerging carbon accounting and target-setting guidelines and methodologies emerging in the land use and agricultural sector. The goal is to advance the conversation on addressing gaps and barriers and establishing a more standardized way for companies to manage supply chain emissions.

Speaking for Gold Standard: Margaret Kim


Forest Restoration: Climate Offense for Business
Monday 9 December 14:00-15:30
Hosted by Arbor Day Foundation in the IETA Pavlion

Historic and recent evidence is clear that the time to plant trees at-scale is now. Trees are a proven, low-cost, effective, and scalable approach to mitigating the impacts of a changing climate. So, what are the current opportunities and barriers to restoring forest landscapes globally? How is the private sector making a business case to invest in forest restoration? The Arbor Day Foundation and its partners will explore both market-based and value/supply chain approaches to guiding investments into restoring forests and community trees.

Speaking for Gold Standard: Margaret Kim


Sustainable Food Systems – Building a Program for Collective Climate Action
Wednesday 11 Dec 11:00-12:30
Hosted by Bayer Crop Science and Strategic Partners in the IETA Pavilion

Bayer US Crop Science and partners have developed a carbon accounting framework and soil carbon methodology for the US Midwest. This measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification framework is designed to scale Climate Smart Agriculture practices (conservation tillage, cover cropping) for collective action to reduce emissions on-farm. Gold Standard and partners have developed Value Chain Intervention Guidance to support companies like Bayer to report on emissions reductions from ‘Scope 3 GHG inventories’, supporting companies' ambitions like Science Based Targets.  Climate Smart Agriculture leaders will discuss the importance of initiatives like these in meeting ambition of the Paris Agreement.

Speaking for Gold Standard: Margaret Kim


Please do not hesitate to contact us>> if you'd like to set up a meeting with Gold Standard during COP25.

Be sure to check back to see new events added over the next weeks.

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Event Dates: Monday, December 2, 2019-Friday, December 13, 2019