VERGE 22 Carbon Program

25 – 27 October 2022
San Jose, CA


Head of Sustainable Finance, Felicity Spors, joins the VERGE 22 Carbon Program to discuss:

A New Approach to Reducing Scope 3: Landscape-Level Investing

Investing in value-chain communities across a jurisdiction can produce multiple benefits.

Carbon credits can be a powerful tool for reducing emissions, but the approach has inherent limitations. Many credits focus solely on carbon, when a more holistic strategy would consider benefits to local communities and ecosystems. Investing in credits that originate outside of an organization’s value chain can also miss opportunities to tackle what’s often the most challenging component of a company’s carbon footprint: Scope 3 emissions.

This session will explore landscape-level investing, an innovative alternative to conventional carbon markets. Pioneers of the approach will explain how companies can fund projects within their supplysheds that deliver broad-ranging goals — from biodiversity and food security to improved health and gender equality — as well as reductions in Scope 3 emissions.



Media Category: Events
Event Dates: Tuesday, October 25, 2022-Thursday, October 27, 2022