What makes a good Carbon credit

Originally published on WWF

Lambert Schneider, Sean Healy, Felix Fallasch, Felipe De León, Mandy Rambharos, Brad Schallert, John Holler, Kelley Kizzier, Annie Petsonk, and Alex Hanafi

Phase 1: Definition of criteria for assessing the quality of carbon credits

Companies should first work to meet their Science-Based Targets, but investing in carbon credits can be an effective complimentary climate strategy. World Wildlife Fund and our partners have authored a paper that contains our recommended criteria for assessing the quality of carbon credits. It is to be the basis for the "Carbon Credit Guidance for Buyers", an upcoming guide to help carbon credit buyers navigate the complicated landscape of the carbon market and identify high-quality carbon credits. This document may be used as a high-level starter for current and potential carbon credit buyers in advance of the full guide's release.

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Event Dates: Sunday, January 31, 2021