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UPDATED 21 Jun 2024

Guarantees for the Replacement of Corsia-Eligible Credits

  • DEADLINE 24 Jun 2024 at 18:00 (European Central Time GMT+1:00)
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Climate Action


Gold Standard is seeking an implementing partner to support the implementation of the above-mentioned new requirement, to ensure the avoidance of double claiming between CORSIA and NDCs under the Paris Agreement. Following the introduction of this new requirement, Gold Standard now wishes to establish an objective set of criteria and assessment procedures by which it can assess the suitability of different insurance products or other solutions to underpin such guarantees.


The intended purpose of this assignment is to enable Gold Standard to establish a formal set of criteria and assessment process for approving guarantees, in order to provide clear guidance to market participants, a clear route for submitting guarantees and a streamlined process to reduce barriers to the supply of credits for CORSIA, through the pre-approval of eligible products. It is essential that the criteria and process established by Gold Standard leads to the approval of guarantees that will effectively and consistently ensure the avoidance of double claiming, to ensure compliance with requirements set forth by ICAO.

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