UPDATED 30 Jun 2023
Closed consultation

Black Carbon Emission Reductions - Scope Expansion

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 18 Jun 2014 - 18 Jul 2014
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Climate Action

The public consultation aimed to gain stakeholder input on developing a new methodology to allow black carbon emissions reductions from household-based thermal energy consumption interventions to earn carbon credits. The methodology would be incorporated into the cookstove component of The Gold Standard methodology, “Technologies and Practices to Displace Decentralized Thermal Energy Consumption.”. Feedback requested includes: - The pros and cons of The Gold Standard expanding its scope to include black carbon as an eligible global warming pollutant. Scope expansion is to be only discussed for household-based thermal energy consumption devices. - Safeguards that The Gold Standard should incorporate into its guidelines to measure and robustly monitor black carbon emissions reductions - Other important risk factors should be carefully considered for the crediting of black carbon emissions.

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