UPDATED 21 Jun 2024

​​Emission reduction by shore-side or off-shore electricity supply system​ public consultation

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 03 Oct 2023 - 02 Nov 2023
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Climate Action
Offshore Wind Turbines

A revision is proposed to the GS approved CDM methodology AMS-III.BP, Emission Reductions by Shore-Side Electricity Supply Systems. This methodology encompasses project activities where ships can dock at shore and – instead of using their fossil-fuel generators to provide auxiliary power while in port – can connect to electricity supply systems. The revision is to expand the applicability to off-shore electricity supply systems.

The methodology covers the electricity consumption of ships docked at berths as well as ships sitting off-shore, connected to specialized buoys capable of providing electricity. Extended applicability scope is incentivizing the use of renewable energy-based electricity supply systems for use cases where ship is docked and would derive electricity from fossil fuel sources otherwise.

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