UPDATED 21 Jun 2023
Closed consultation

Gold Standard Version 2.2

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 12 Feb 2012 - 12 Mar 2012
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Affordable and Clean Energy

The Gold Standard Secretariat is presently working on a revision of its rules to upgrade to version 2.2. This is in order to ensure that the standard continues to contribute to GHG mitigation and, at the same time, sustainable development, as well as continuing to innovate and adapt to the future needs of the carbon market. In this context, The Gold Standard launched a call for public consultation to ensure that topics of importance for market actors are taken into consideration in the upgrade of its rules to version 2.2. Comments and suggestions considered the following topics:

1. Lessons learned in implementing the standard.

2. Inputs on current procedures.

3. Feedback on revised / new rules on PoAs, the GS micro-scale scheme, grievance mechanism and procedures for conflict zones that were released in November 2011.

4. Requirements for specific guidelines on sustainable development assessments (‘do no harm’ assessment, sustainable development matrix, sustainable development monitoring plan).

5. The local stakeholder consultation process.

6. Additional guidance for DOEs for validation / verification of Gold Standard projects.

7. Revisions to the available templates.

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