UPDATED 21 Jun 2024

Methodology development procedure

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 02 Jun 2023 - 02 Jul 2023
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Climate Action

The Methodology Procedure is a key part of the GS4GG framework. It outlines the process for approving new methodologies and updating existing ones. It also creates new tools and revises existing ones, which are essential for implementing the GS4GG. The Procedure clarifies questions and concerns about approved methodologies and tools, which makes the GS4GG more transparent and effective.

The updated methodology document has the following changes:

1. General methodology principles and requirements, including reference to Article 6.4 RMP methodology requirements.

2. Methodology review through methodology working group.

3. Secretariat-led methodology development, revision, and clarification procedure.

4. Revision request pathways (developer and Secretariat-led models).

5.Ad hoc and periodic methodology review, with the ability to pause methodology if necessary.

6. Required 30-day public consultation for methodology and any major revisions.

7. Standard validity applicability conditions.

8. Procedure for methodology clarifications.

9. Public disclosure requirements for different approval stages of methodology.

These changes were made following recent development and are designed to streamline the methodology development, revision, and clarification process while ensuring that it remains transparent and inclusive. Overall, these updates to the methodology development, revision, and clarification procedure document aim to ensure that the methodologies and tools used in the GS4GG framework are of the highest quality and integrity.

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