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Methodology to estimate and verify Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years (ADALYs) from cleaner cooking and cleaner household air

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 08 Feb 2016 - 06 Mar 2016

Gold Standard is looking at developing a methodology to calculate health benefits using Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years  (ADALYs) as the impact metric. This methodology provides a results-based finance payment mechanism from which to drive finance into initiatives that help improve lives.

The development process will take into account the methodology “Quantification of a saleable health product (aDALYs) from household cooking interventions” recently prepared for World Bank by Household Energy, Climate, and Health Research Group (University of California) and Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, Berkeley. And we are seeking your feedback.

Gold Standard is currently developing Gold Standard Version 3.0; a new standard that allows for the consolidation of existing Gold Standard scopes and for the quantification of multiple impacts based on the Sustainable Development Goals. As such the development of an ADALYs methodology in the context of cookstoves is considered a key priority for road-testing Gold Standard Version 3.0. Further information regarding Gold Standard Version 3.0 can be found on the Gold Standard website.

More information on ADALYS and the background for this methodology are located in the document attached below. 

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