UPDATED 28 Jun 2023
Closed consultation

Renewable Energy Label Product Requirements

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 18 Jan 2019 - 18 Feb 2019
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Climate ActionAffordable and Clean EnergySustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible consumption and Production

Gold Standard is exploring the possibility of expanding its 'Renewable Energy Label Requirements' to include flexibility for retroactive Renewable Energy projects applying for Renewable Energy Labels. In this context, to promote/encourage such projects, the Gold Standard proposes to introduce the following changes:

i.     Change of definition of start date for retroactive Renewable Energy projects:

- The start date for retroactive Renewable Energy projects seeking Renewable Energy Labels only, is the date on which the project is connected to the national or a regional grid.

ii.   Latest date of submission of retroactive projects for Gold Standard design certification:

- Retroactive Projects may submit to Gold Standard for Renewable Energy Label design certification within 5 years of their start date. This flexibility is provided for a trial period until 02/09/2019. After which, this rule will be reviewed.

iii. Eligibility requirement for retroactive projects seeking Renewable Energy Labels only, using above mentioned exceptions:

- Hydropower and projects making use of non-renewable biomass resources, regardless of their scale, shall NOT be eligible

- Projects using renewable biomass resource for power generation are eligible for Renewable Energy Labels only if the project can provide evidence to demonstrate compliance with the additional requirements mentioned in the 'Renewable Energy Activity Requirements - Annex A' for the operating years the project is seeking Renewable energy labels.

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