UPDATED 28 Jun 2023
Closed consultation

Update of Gold Standard for the Global Goals

  • CONSULTATION PERIOD 18 Jul 2019 - 18 Aug 2019
  • SCOPE ACTIVITY Climate Action

According to ISEAL Alliance “Setting Social and Environmental Standards” Code of Best Practice, the standard is updated on a regular basis to account for broader stakeholder inputs into the standard and to consider updates in the sector. We are undertaking our scheduled update of Gold Standard for the Global Goals to incorporate new rules, updates and changes released since March 2018. We are looking for your feedback and suggestions.

This consultation seeks stakeholder feedback and suggestions into the revision/update of Gold Standard for the Global Goals. This includes any and all aspects of the standard where they feel the standard should be improved, simplified or amended. The feedback will be used to identify key areas for immediate and/or future updates. The next updated version of standard will be released mid-September 2019.

Results of the consultation

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