UPDATED 01 March 2024

Eligible Project Scopes

The need to undertake climate action is growing ever more urgent, and with temperatures already registering 1.3 degrees celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, a 50% reduction in emissions globally is required by 2030, including a cut of methane emissions by a third. The next few years are therefore critical, and we need near-term milestones and actions to help us get on track for long-term targets. 
To support this shift and urgent need, we have developed a range of methodologies to quantify the impact and the Greenhouse gas emissions reduced, avoided or sequestered thanks to project activities and interventions and will continue to develop new methodologies that support climate security and sustainable development for all.

The graphic below provides a high-level overview of the commonly applied project scopes. You can view the full list of approved Gold Standard methodologies in the eligible methodology tool

The mitigation and removals options provide a high-level overview of those methodologies that are in the pipeline for development.  

The methodology approval procedure lists the steps for proposing or reviewing a methodology.

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Eligible project scopes

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