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Article 6 Webinar Series 2022

22 Feb 2022 - 24 Nov 2022
11:00 - 11:00 (GMT) 12:00 - 12:00 (CEST)
Geneva, Switzerland
Hosted by
Gold Standard

During 2022, we ran a series of webinars to enable participants to better understand some of the key trends and issues for Article 6 operationalisation. See below the provisional list of proposed topics and timings for the Article 6 Webinar Series.

Authorisations and adjustments under Article 6:What you need to know, and what is still unknown

22 Feb 2022

This webinar will cover the basics of host country authorisations under Article 6: the process, the benefits, the risks and the unknowns. It is intended to provide attendees with a better understanding of when an authorisation will be needed, the preconditions for a host country providing a letter of authorisation, and how and when this will then be translated into a corresponding adjustment.


  • Lisa DeMarco, Senior Partner and CEO, Resilient LLP

  • Marisa Martin, Executive Director, Pollination Group

  • Lambert Schneider, Research Coordinator for International Climate Policy, Oeko Institute

  • El Hadji Mbaye Diagne, Director, Afrique Energie Environnement

  • Molly Peters-Stanley, Negotiator, International Carbon Markets, U.S. Department of State

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From text to trade: How is Article 6 guidance being implemented on the ground?

21 Apr 2022
16:00 - 17:00 CEST

While the Article 6 guidance adopted at COP26 has provided much-needed clarity for governments and market actors, it is still unclear for many how the decisions adopted by negotiators will be translated into action on the ground. This webinar will look at how early moving actors are preparing to apply Article 6 to make it a reality, and the lessons that can be drawn from this early experience.


  • Alexandra Soezer, Global Carbon Technical Advisor, Energy, United Nations Development Programme

  • Emma Åberg, Program Manager International Climate Cooperation, Swedish Energy Agency

  • Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun, Business Director for Climate Policy and Carbon Pricing, South Pole

  • Aglaja Espelage, Researcher, Perspectives Climate Group

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Innovating under Article 6: Emerging models for public and private sector cooperation

28 Jun 2022
09:00 - 10:00 CEST

Article 6 includes the Paris Agreement’s sole reference to the private sector, creating an important channel for private finance to drive decarbonisation. This webinar will look at innovative models emerging across the world to enable private sector action and investment under Article 6, through government frameworks, initiatives and policies.


  • Katie Eberle, Manager, International Partnerships in the Australian Department for Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

  • Veronika Elgart, Deputy Head, International Climate Policy, in the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

  • Adriaan Korthuis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Climate Focus

  • Andrea Bonzanni, International Policy Director, IETA

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Valuing Article 6 credits: How the value of Article 6-authorised credits might evolve, and what this means for the market

27 Sep 2022
16:00 - 17:00 CEST

The past few years have seen greater transparency than ever before on prices in the carbon market. But how might the market value credits authorised under Article 6, and how might this compare to unauthorised credits? This webinar will explore this question with a panel of market experts.


  • Ritah Rukundo, Technical Advisor, Global Carbon Market, GIZ

  • Mischa Classen, Director Carbon Procurement, KliK Foundation

  • Malwina Burzec, Associate, Center for Climate Policy, Ernst & Young Law

  • Josh Brown, Business Development Manager , TASC

  • Russell Karas, Head of Carbon Market Development, CBL

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COP27: What happened on Article 6 and carbon markets, and (why) does it matter?

24 Nov 2022
16:00 – 17:00 CEST

In this webinar, Gold Standard and a panel of market experts will take a look at the outcomes of COP27 on carbon markets, and what these mean for the development of carbon markets, both voluntary and compliance. The panel will look at the final decisions adopted on Article 6, as well as other announcements made by governments, regulators and the private sector over the course of COP27.

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  • Teresa Hartmann, Director, Voluntary Carbon Market Formation, IETA

  • Florian Eickhold, Climate Finance and Carbon Market Expert, atmosfair

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