UPDATED 21 June 2024


Bonn UNFCCC - Operationalizing Article 6: A Playbook for Governments and Crediting Programmes

03 Jun 2024 - 03 Jun 2024
11:15 - 12:30 (GMT) 13:15 - 14:30 (CEST)
Bonn, Germany
Operationalizing Article 6: A Playbook for Governments and Crediting Programmes - UNFCCC side event Cover

Over 50 countries have Article 6 agreements but the path to implementation is complex. Article 6

guidance adopted at COPs 26 and 27 has provided a standard framework for governments planning to cooperate internationally through the use of market mechanisms. Some countries are

implementing policy frameworks that integrate the role of independent crediting programmes, while others are at the exploration stage. One issue that is already arising is that countries are often taking quite divergence approaches to their implementation of Article 6.

The National Climate Change Secretariat of Singapore, Gold Standard and Verra announced plans at COP 28 to co-develop a ‘playbook’ to provide detailed guidance for how governments can work with crediting programmes under Article 6, and to work with other partners on its development and implementation. The intention of this work is to develop a set of standard, robust and Article 6-aligned procedures, to underpin adoption of Article 6 and avoid fragmentation globally.

This event, involving the initial partners and other expert representatives, will provide an update on progress to date, reflections with experts on the questions and challenges under consideration through this work, as well as next steps on the path to COP29.

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    Benedict Chia, Director-General (Climate Change), National Climate Change Secretariat, Government of Singapore

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    Andrew Howard, Senior Director, Climate and Strategy, Verra

  • Kavya Bajaj, Manager, Government Relations


13:15 – 13:50
Section 1 - Playbook partner organisations

  • Introductory remarks and reflections on Singapore’s model for Article 6 adoption – Benedict Chia, NCCS
  • The role of crediting programmes under Article 6, the challenges for operationalisation and introduction to the ‘playbook’ – Andrew Howard, Verra
  • Open discussion between initial partner organisations on:
    - The development of the playbook to date, including key challenges
    - Next steps and the intended value of this work
  • Audience Q&A

13:50 – 14:25
Section 2 - Panel discussion with Article 6-engaged governments

  • Wider discussion involving initial playbook partners and [Government experts TBC] on the implementation of Article 6 and issues identified in playbook development, moderated by Kavya Bajaj (Gold Standard).
  • Audience Q&A

14:25 – 14:30
Closing remarks – Benedict Chia, NCCS

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