UPDATED 26 February 2024


Mainstreaming sustainable development in carbon markets

12 Nov 2020 - 12 Nov 2020
01:00 - 23:59 (GMT) 01:00 - 23:59 (local time)

Sustainable development is gaining traction among all stakeholders of markets – investors, governments and project beneficiaries. This event features presentations on how sustainable development in carbon markets has evolved - within negotiations under the UNFCCC as well as in domestic policy planning.

1:45-2:45pm CET

  1. Introduction/Welcome – Moderation by IETA/ICAP (tbd)
  2. “Introducing SD top-down - the draft rules on the market mechanism of Art. 6.4 Paris Agreement – Lessons learned from the CDM?” by Sven Braden
  3. “Promoting sustainable development from bottom up – best practice examples from domestic carbon pricing initiatives”, Gold Standard Foundation by Owen Hewlett
  4. “Alignment of MRV/transparency of GHG and SDGs for transformative impact of Article 6 programs from a national registry and reporting perspective”, UNEP DTU by Karen Olsen with Costa Rica, Kenya or Pakistan (tbd)
  5. Q&A

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