UPDATED 17 January 2024


Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Global Commission on Urban SDG Finance

03 Dec 2023 - 03 Dec 2023
03:30 - 07:00 (GMT) 07:30 - 11:00 (+04)
Breakfast meeting - Invitation only
Hosted by
Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Gold Standard

The SDSN Commission aims to overcome obstacles hindering progress in achieving SDGs due to cities' limited access to international legal and institutional structures.

This event will analyse barriers, evaluate proposals, and develop innovative strategies to align the Global Financial Architecture (GFA) with urban needs. By Spring 2024, the Commission plans to produce actionable reforms for the GFA, new mechanisms for urban SDG finance, and in-depth briefs addressing impediments to urban SDG finance, along with scenario-based analyses of options for urban SDG finance.

Additional information on the 2-day program can be found on the Forum's website 

  • Felicity Spors , Senior Director, Sustainable Finance & Innovation

The SDSN Commission is co-chaired by Jeffrey Sachs, President of SDSN; Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, France; and Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and 20-25 mayors, finance and urban experts, and scholars focused on addressing the critical challenges related to urban Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Finance. The University of Pennsylvania hosts the Secretariat, directed by Penn IUR Co-Director Eugénie L. Birch, and will support the Commission in providing technical and policy recommendations for urban finance.

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