UPDATED 10 July 2023


The Science and Practice of Agricultural Soil Carbon Offsets

06 Jun 2022 - 06 Jun 2022
18:08 - 18:00 (GMT) 14:08 - 14:00 (EDT)

14:00 – 16:00 EST
Virtual Webinar

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medecine

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medecine

As the United States embarks on a path towards net-zero carbon emissions, many entities are considering agriculture-based carbon offsets to reach their net-zero emissions goals. However, the measurement of carbon uptake in soil is not documented in a standardized way in current offset markets, and large questions remain about incentives, additionality, permanence, and monitoring and verification.

Owen Helwett, Chief Technical Officer, joins a panel to discuss the ability of the private sector to deliver meaningful agricultural soil carbon offsets in the United States, the status of markets around soil carbon, and whether and/or what type of government policy might improve outcomes.


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