UPDATED 31 January 2023


Deregistration of project GS3667: Afforestation in the Montreal Metropolitan area.

deregistration date
23 Mar 2020
submitted by
Eddy, Seo, GooBrand

Located in Eastern Canada within the province of Québec, the city of Montreal has the second largest population in Canada and the seventh in North America. The Montreal Metropolitan Area has a population of 3.8 million people and spans over 3800 km², the main land use being pasture/croplands. The afforestation project was established in 2011 to plant abandoned lands and sequester a part of Montreal’s atmospheric carbon. Five sites were selected across the metropolitan area that covers a total of 109.6 hectares and various land use: abandoned croplands, highway right-of-ways, and gravel mine tailing. Over 375 000 trees were planted, with seven indigenous coniferous and broad leaf tree species. Forests represent a small 13 % of total metropolitan area and in a beginning carbon mitigation market, this first-of-its-kind project could help develop carbon sequestration in Quebec and restore a part of the initial diversified forests that used to cover the Montreal area.

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