UPDATED 26 January 2023


Non-conformity allegations against Çeşme Wind Power Project, Turkey (GS2542)

submission date
29 Apr 2019

On 30 April 2019, Madeleine Staaf Kura submitted a letter requesting an official grievance be raised against a registered Gold Standard project - Çeşme Wind Power Project, Turkey (GS ID 2542 – GS Version 2.2). The complainant alleged that the project developer had not adhered to Gold standard principles during the implementation and operation phase of the project activity and had submitted to Register the project using misleading information.

Specifically, the allegations concern the following:

  • Breaches of Gold Standard principles concerning safeguarding and Do No Harm (Principle 1)
  • Failure to provide sustainable development benefits (Principle 2)
  • Failure to include relevant stakeholders/conduct a stakeholder consultation (Principle 3)
  • Concerns raised about removal of existing vegetation and associated leakage (Principle 4)
  • Failure to comply with relevant local laws (Principle 5)
  • False or misleading information contained in Monitoring Reports (Principle 7)

A formal investigation has been completed. The project followed all relevant Gold Standard procedures and host country norms, but based on the investigation on the ground, there are non-conformity issues that must be redressed. The findings of this report are an opportunity for the Project Developer to bridge these gaps and ensure that all Gold Standard requirements are fully met. Until this has been completed, the project has been suspended with immediate effect, the project account has been frozen on the registry and the project will not be allowed to transfer/transact any available issued carbon credits. Further to this, the project cannot submit further request for issuance of emission reductions until all the necessary corrective actions are taken to redress the non-conformity. 

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