UPDATED 21 March 2024

Gold Standard Impact Registry 

Our Impact Registry tracks the certification status of climate projects engaged in the Gold Standard certification process. It offers a comprehensive public view of their progress and provides access to essential project documentation, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

The registry is where products for Gold Standard projects, such as carbon credits, are issued, held, transferred, and retired, providing transparency and credibility. It can be considered the ‘source of truth’ for information related to Gold Standard products, with unique serial numbers generated for every issued credit, allowing full traceability through the lifecycle of the credit from generation to sale, and eventual use or ‘retirement’.

It also showcases the certified Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) impacts. By highlighting these tangible outcomes, we demonstrate the real-world contributions of Gold Standard-certified projects.

The registry is used by a range of stakeholders including project developers, academics, credit purchasers, brokers and exchanges, marketplaces, and the wider public.

Water Benefits Registry

This registry currently tracks Water Benefit Certificates (WBCs) issued to projects certified under Gold Standard's previous Water Benefit Standard. In the future, these will be integrated into the Impact Registry. 

Fund Impact Registry

This is a publicly available repository of all Funds and Portfolios applying the Gold Standard Fund Requirements. In the future, these will be integrated into the Impact Registry listed above.

Article 6 Functionality

Gold Standard has introduced new functionality into its Impact Registry, which enables its carbon credits to be labelled as authorised and correspondingly adjusted under Article 6. This important feature allows project developers, buyers and other users to distinguish Article 6-authorised credits in the impact registry, as well as underpinning the transparent and robust implementation of Article 6.

A guidance document is available for account holders and viewers of the Gold Standard Impact Registry, to provide more information on the use of this Article 6 functionality.

Gold Standard publishes annual information on Article 6-authorised credits in its Impact Registry, for transparency and to support governments in their reporting to the UNFCCC.

Open an account on the Gold Standard Impact Registry

To open an account, please send an email to [email protected] with the following details in the body of the email.

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Number
  • Company website URL
  • Account Manager Full Name and Email Address
  • Billing Contact Full Name and Billing Contact Email Address
  • A link to your company’s entry on the country’s commercial registry, or equivalent (if applicable).


Please attach a copy of all documents listed below to your email. Please send all documents in one batch.  

  • A copy of your organisation's Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Your company or organisation's registration number, registered office address, names of all directors (preferably an official extract from the registry) and your organisation's website URL.
  • A link to your company’s entry on the country’s commercial registry, or equivalent, if applicable.
  • A bank statement less than 90 days old from your organisation's bank showing the address of the organisation.
  • A letter on your organisation's letterhead stating that the proposed account manager has been duly appointed and is authorised, on behalf of your organisation, to accept The Gold Standard Foundation's Terms of Use and any modification. There must be satisfactory evidence that the individual who has signed the letter is authorised to do so on behalf of your organisation (e.g. director or other senior officer).
  • A statement setting out the nature of your organisation's business, your reason for applying for a Gold Standard registry account and how you intend to use the account.
  • A copy of IDs for the account manager and any users who require access to the account along with their email addresses.
  • Signed copies of the Registry App Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions.
  • NOTE: The annual registry account fee (1000 USD), will be invoiced upon approval of the application; this is pro-rata in the first year.

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    For any information on GS Impact Registrycontact please contact, GS Registry Team

    [email protected]

Tips to successfully and easily opening an account

  • Confirm your company address is listed in your registration documents and that this matches the address listed on the bank statement.
  • Send both the signed Registry App Terms of Use and Gold Standard Terms & Conditions form.
  • Send all information and correct documents together as a set by email.


Additional information for project developers:

For certification to Gold Standard for the Global Goals, a project developer must have an open Impact Registry account.

Project Developers only require one Impact Registry account per organisation and can have multiple projects within their account.

After the successful opening of the account, Gold Standard will inform the certification body, who will provide information on accessing the platform, where project developers can submit their documentation and schedule reviews by a third-party certification body.

Impact Registry Fees

Annual Registry Account Fee : 1000$

Account reactivation Fee : 2500 $ (per suspension)

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