UPDATED 01 March 2024

Choose from a Broad Set of Impact Solutions 

Climate Mitigation

Ensure the most robust climate impact quantification through internationally recognized Gold Standard for the Global Goals methodologies

Gold Standard is the leader in measuring impact for emission reductions and removals. Our methodologies cover the spectrum of renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, forestry and agriculture. We also recognise best practice methodologies beyond our own proprietary development, selectively endorsing those known to be of the highest integrity.


Avoid the costs and disruption from climate risks by applying Gold Standard’s Adaptation Framework at the project investment level.

Losses due to climate-related events and stresses are increasing, with those in low-income countries being particularly vulnerable, yet adaptation finance has been sorely lacking. Gold Standard's Adaptation Framework, developed in partnership with Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC), offers a comprehensive roadmap for project developers to design and implement projects while proactively addressing future climate risks and minimising losses. Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC)

This roadmap aligns with global best practices to define and monitor quantifiable harms and attribute loss reduction strategies to specific adaptation investments. Furthermore, it leverages stakeholder engagement to develop high-quality local adaptation and resilience projects that are investment ready. Local empirical knowledge gained through engagement can overcome critical gaps in impact data, combined with best practice scientific expertise is used to  guide both public authorities and the private sector toward smarter sustainable climate investments by managing risks caused by the changes to our climate that we cannot stop.

Gold Standard is applying the Adaptation Framework to accelerate the transformation of national or city-level adaptation plans into a pipeline of high-quality adaptation projects. The piloting process on projects using the Adaptation Requirements is currently underway and Gold Standard welcomes more partners to participate in a pilot.

Examples: Pittsburg and the Galapagos

Gold Standard and Resilient Cities Catalyst have tested the adaptation framework and guidance on two pilot schemes. The first project was in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. led by the City in collaboration with local nonprofits and community based organizations (CBOs).Visit projects page The second, an ecotourism resort project on San Cristobal island in the Galapagos Islands. The project was led by a private developer in collaboration with a global capital investing firm.

Nature-based Solutions

Invest with purpose using Gold Standard’s tools and methodologies that ensure nature-based solutions in your portfolio maximise the impact and value of your investments. 

Nature-based solutions (NbS) certified by Gold Standard are a triple win for investors as they simultaneously deliver biodiversity benefits, sustainable development, and climate security. Our tools and methodologies help to ensure the resilience of your investments against climate change and generate added returns by demonstrating the broad range of impacts of your investment. 

Our Alignment Tool for Nature-Based Solutions allows investors to easily employ best practices aligned across 4 global NbS frameworks: IUCN NbS Standard and Guidance, World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Natural Climate Solutions, WWF Landscape Book and the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard. This can help investors stay ahead of the evolving regulatory landscape for nature restoration, biodiversity loss and climate change.

Through to a partnership with IUCN to certify NbS interventions, we will soon offer impact methodologies for natural ecosystems and their restoration (“green green”), natural solutions with engineered infrastructure in urban and industrial settings (“green grey”) and water-based solutions for water management and coastal resilience (“green blue”). These can be applied to individual projects so that they deliver tradable assets with added nature value, intentionally illustrate your corporate sustainability commitments, demonstrate alignment with government regulations or provide assurance for a fund’s impact performance.



Navigate the complexity of biodiversity with robust but pragmatic frameworks that unlock credible claims for ’30 by 30’ biodiversity goals.

Gold Standard’s Biodiversity Impact Framework methodology, currently in development, will manage, measure, and maximise the impacts of biodiversity interventions to promote greater investment in conservation, restoration, and regeneration. This framework methodology will be science-based and rigorous with practical applications for projects, landscapes and funds.

Gold Standard will identify best practice in selecting cost-effective methods and tools that allow the identification, management and adaptive MRV of biodiversity risks and impacts at the project and portfolio levels.

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