UPDATED 01 March 2024

Drive Transformation at the Landscape Level

Managing impact at a landscape level is a holistic way of addressing challenges to climate, nature, and society across interconnected ecosystems in which a company operates.

Gold Standard is working with partners to enable companies to invest in high-value landscapes both within and beyond the technical boundaries their value chains, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This collective action approach offers these benefits:  

  • Impact at scale
  • Increased efficiency and lower transaction costs compared to individual project activity
  • Holistic approaches to manage risks and maximise impact across the SDGs
  • Potential for financial returns from portfolio investment or carbon credit issuance

Early Movers

Gold Standard is working with the Laudes Foundation to unlock business investments into landscape transformation to secure supply chain sourcing while engaging and benefitting local stakeholders. This pilot effort focuses on the cotton supply chain, aiming to break the traceability barrier in the by defining the accounting, reporting and assignment methods within landscapes to showcase tangible impacts and allow the investors in the landscape to credibly claim and report on the impact of their support from carbon reductions and removals to improved yields, water security, and livelihood improvement. This collaborative landscape-level approach can help ambitious companies identify impactful investments and address systemic barriers too complex to solve in isolation.

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