UPDATED 17 November 2023


Biodiversity Impact Units Market Assessment

The surge in interest surrounding biodiversity claims and credits reflects a growing awareness of the pressing need to address our planet's biodiversity crisis. This rising demand is giving rise to a diverse array of biodiversity credits and claims, each offering unique approaches to measurement and delivery of positive impacts.

These developments all share a common objective: securing funding for biodiversity impact measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV), in response to the urgent biodiversity crisis facing our planet. However, the range of options, makes navigating best practice quite complicated. To address this Gold Standard has commissioned Anthesis to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the global landscape surrounding biodiversity credits and claims, delving into critical questions such as:

  • What is the nature of the demand for biodiversity credits and claims? Where does it originate, and what are the diverse goals these credits and claims seek to achieve?
  • How are various methods and tools employed for measuring, valuing, and reporting on biodiversity impact? Can the tools from the carbon market offer insights into developing effective biodiversity impact tools?
  • Is there a growing interest in taking a holistic approach to addressing biodiversity and climate challenges?
  • Are there any notable gaps in the current toolbox of methods and tools that could facilitate greater investment or remove barriers to funding biodiversity impact initiatives?

Together, Gold Standard and Anthesis have crafted this survey intended to gather insights from a diverse group of stakeholders. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the demand for biodiversity impact credits and claims, as well as the essential tools currently in use, emerging innovations, and the primary obstacles that hinder investments in biodiversity impact projects. We invite companies, NGOs, consultants, carbon and biodiversity credit developers, and others to participate in this survey, with the opportunity to provide contact information if they wish to engage in a follow-up interview with the Anthesis team.

About Anthesis

Anthesis, a leading global sustainability advisory and solutions firm, stands at the forefront of sustainability, ESG, and net-zero programs. Comprising one of the largest groups of dedicated sustainability professionals worldwide, Anthesis proudly holds B Corp status. The firm collaborates with over 4,000 clients spanning corporates, financial institutions, and government entities, delivering impactful solutions through a team of more than 1,250 specialists across 39 offices in 22 countries.

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