UPDATED 11 July 2023


Can technology help mainstream high-impact climate action?

New collaboration aims to remove barriers to integrating climate action into everyday life.

The urgency for climate change mitigation seems to rise every week. Record-breaking temps have been scorching across Europe and the US. While the numbers of individuals and businesses taking climate action is increasing, incremental change cannot measure up to this exponential, existential threat.

For any chance to bend the emissions curve toward 1.5 degrees, climate action should be integrated into everything we do – our work, our purchases, our diet, our leisure. But for this to be possible, taking action must be simple and inspiring. 

Gold Standard is partnering with Seattle-based social enterprise Clearset to co-develop new unifying technology solutions that make it easier and more engaging to manage climate impact and take accountability for greenhouse gas emissions.

We have been collaborating informally with Clearset for more than a year to define and plan for how to realize our joint focus: removing barriers to fostering climate action through software solutions that provide simplicity, transparency and choice to organisations and individuals wishing to offset their carbon footprints.

Clearset has provided advice to Gold Standard in developing our new public registry, which will continue to evolve to enable Gold Standard-certified climate protection projects to provide more clear, compelling climate and SDG impact reporting—in turn giving credit buyers an aggregated view of the positive impact their carbon credit purchases deliver. Clearset’s aim to perform a unifying market role continues to be refined through the course of our co-development activities. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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