UPDATED 21 June 2024

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Carbon Credit Methodology for Home Food Recycling Released

01 May 2024
Released by
Gold Standard

The new methodology is the first of its kind from a major standard and will allow the issuance of carbon credits for decentralised organic waste processing.

The approach, published today, means that carbon credits can be issued to reflect the emission reductions associated with processing food waste on-site and avoiding hauling waste to landfill. The methodology ‘Reduction in Methane Emissions from Landfills Through Decentralised Organic Waste Processing’, developed by Lomi the Smart Waste™ food recycler, in consultation with Carbonomics, has been approved Gold Standard’s Technical Advisory Committee and is now available for use.


Recent reporting has highlighted the detrimental impact that emissions from landfill have on our planet. By purchasing carbon credits from projects applying this methodology, purchasers can directly support projects that keep waste out of landfills.


Margaret Kim, CEO, Gold Standard said:

“The best way to reduce emissions associated with landfill is to ensure that the waste never reaches the landfill in the first place. This new methodology unlocks the use of carbon credit revenue to support projects that process waste at the household or commercial level, enable the production of valuable by-products such as fertilisers, and eliminate the emissions caused by transporting waste to landfill sites. “


Jeremy Lang, Co-founder and Head of Sustainability and Regeneration of Lomi, said:

“As the first home appliance methodology to receive a Gold Standard approval, Lomi demonstrates leadership in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. The Gold Standard approval signifies the meaningful impact that the Lomi system can have in terms of reducing carbon emissions in our communities.”


The new methodology will help us on our collective journey to a Net-Zero world while further catalysing impact towards sustainable development. Aligned with Lomi’s mission to drive conscious environmental practices through the evolution of the food waste management system, it will help individuals and municipalities process food scraps on-site to avoid hauling food waste to landfills and avoid the associated GHG emissions, resulting in Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs). 

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