UPDATED 12 February 2024


Article 6 Early-Mover Programme

Early Mover Programme for Credits Authorised for Use under Article 6.

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Gold Standard is introducing a new process and requirements for credits authorised for use under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. This process is optional, but will enable Gold Standard credits with vintages of 2021 or later to be used by:

  • Aeroplane operators towards obligations under CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (subject to approval by the ICAO Council)
  • Other governments towards their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement

It will also enable companies and other organisations to make voluntary ‘carbon offsetting’ or ‘carbon neutral’ claims while avoiding double claiming with the NDC of the host country.

This marks a new and exciting phase in the evolution of carbon markets, and its effective and efficient implementation will involve new forms of coordination and interaction between Gold Standard, host governments and project developers.

To support the smooth roll-out of this new process, Gold Standard is establishing an ‘Article 6 Early Mover Programme’ that will run over the course of 2022. We are therefore inviting expressions of interest from:

  • Project developers intending to seek letters of authorisation
  • Government officials intending or considering issuing letters of authorization to carbon market activities
  • Other stakeholders who may use, enable or be affected by the introduction of Gold Standard’s Article 6 Authorisation process.


As part of the programme, Gold Standard will provide:

  • dedicated helpdesk to respond to questions from project developers, government officials or other stakeholders related to the implementation of the Article 6 Authorisation process
  • Enhanced practical support from Gold Standard to facilitate use of the Article 6 Authorisation process, including assistance with interactions between project developers and host countries where appropriate and required
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange and knowledge-sharing, to learn from and build on successful experiences
  • Additional elements and opportunities may be added, subject to funding.


  • To support and enable early authorisations of credits for use under Article 6, providing proof-of-concept and practical experience to support the scaling of market activity under the Paris Agreement.
  • To inform further development and clarification of Gold Standard’s process and requirements for credits authorised for use under Article 6.

To express interest in receiving more information about our Article 6 activities, please provide us with your contact details. Expressing interest comes with no obligations but will enable us to contact you with more information and opportunities.

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