UPDATED 10 July 2023


Expert Consultation Group on alignment with the Paris Agreement

The implementation of the Paris Agreement, and in particular Article 6, has implications for standards operating in the carbon market, whilst also creating opportunities to support greater global climate action.

Gold Standard is committed to aligning with the Paris Agreement, to ensure continued quality of credits, and to ensure credits can be appropriately used for different and evolving purposes. This includes new uses in addition to the voluntary carbon market, such as use by aeroplane operators to comply with CORSIA and use by governments seeking to use Article 6 as part of a strategy to meet Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Over the next year, Gold Standard intends to make necessary, targeted updates to its rules, requirements and its Registry in order to align its carbon market operations with the Paris Agreement. To support this work and to ensure a smooth transition for stakeholders, we are convening a Consultation Group to provide expert input on the strategic considerations and share practical experience and a smaller Working Group to support and advise on more detailed technical issues that Gold Standard should consider.

We are honoured to have the support and input of at least the following experts, following an expression of interest process in September/October 2021:


  • Sudha Padmanabha, Fair Climate Network (India*)
  • Shigueo Watanabe Jr, Instituto Climainfo (Brazil)
  • Jonathan Grassiano, ACT Group (Netherlands)
  • Anil Bhatta, Carbon & Clean Energy Solutions (Australia)
  • Stephan Gill, Global Green Growth Institute (Republic of Korea)
  • Gilles Dufrasne, Carbon Market Watch (Belgium)
  • Kasia Klaczynska Lewis, EY Law (Poland/United States)
  • Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun, South Pole (Belgium)
  • Arvid Ronnberg/Marina Ädel, Swedish Energy Agency (Sweden)
  • Alexandra Soezer, UNDP (United States)
  • Oğuz Tosun, EnKing International (Turkey)
  • Daniel Benefoh, Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (Ghana)
  • Robert Stevens, ClimateCare/Natural Capital Partners (United Kingdom)
  • Felipe de León Denegri, Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy (Costa Rica)
  • Mischa Classen, KliK Foundation (Switzerland)


  • MJ Mace, Independent Consultant (United Kingdom)
  • Jessica Wade-Murphy de Jiminez, Atmosphere Alternative (Colombia)
  • Derik Broekhoff, Stockholm Environment Institute (United States)
  • Jacqueline Gehrig-Fasel, TREES Consulting (Switzerland)
  • Hanna-Mari Ahonen, Perspectives Climate Group (Finland)
  • Matt Spannagle, Independent Consultant (Belgium)
  • El Hadji Mbaye Diagne, Director, Afrique Energie Environnement (Senegal)

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* The country named is where each member is based, and not necessarily their nationality or the headquarters of the organisation they represent.

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