UPDATED 10 July 2023


Gold Standard and Landscape Finance Lab announce collaboration to scale up finance for sustainable landscapes

Gold Standard and the Landscape Finance Lab have signed an MoU to pursue cooperative projects that address corporate supply chain emissions among multiple companies with shared sourcing areas. As companies look to set and meet climate targets, holistic corporate collective action can support the regeneration and resilience of landscapes and maximise positive contributions to both climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as the broader Sustainable Development Goals.

"Gold Standard and the Landscape Finance Lab have worked together for many years to address best practice in identification, measurement, management and valuation of SDG impact,” said Felicity Spors, Head of Sustainable Finance at Gold Standard. “We look forward to working more closely together to drive investments where they are most needed to support holistic approaches to achieving SDG impact and supply chain decarbonisation in a collective way.”

Paul Chatterton from the Landscape Finance Lab adds, “We anticipate a new world of verified landscape scale action for the global goals emerging after Glasgow. With a wide set of partners, we’re now developing the components and financing for the first pilots. This collaboration is key to developing landscape solutions that help implement the global goals and to increasing the scale of finance available.”

The agreement is expected to advance Gold Standard’s Sustainable Finance efforts, which include developing collaborative corporate funding instruments to mobilise finance at scale support climate action and sustainable development. By applying Gold Standard for the Global Goals, companies and broader investors can increase real progress in achieving the SDGs and to address corporate partners supply chain scope three emissions. The learning from supporting landscape or jurisdictional approaches will be shared with ISEAL members, as part of the joint work undertaken on jurisdictional practice.

The Landscape Finance Lab works to incubate and finance sustainable landscape programmes that deliver impact on the global goals.

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