UPDATED 24 February 2023

Annual Report 2021


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2021 was an important year for our collective journey towards climate security and sustainable development for all. As the world came together at COP 26 to accelerate climate action, Gold Standard advocated for the adoption of ambitious rules underpinning Article 6. Immediately following the welcome decisions in Glasgow, work began on aligning our standard with Article 6 outcomes to ensure Gold Standard credits can be used for different and evolving purposes in a rapidly changing global market. 

Our work in carbon markets achieved more than ever before - issuing over 40m credits. We developed innovative new ways of driving progress towards the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, including by launching the Value Change Initiative, the Subnational Climate Finance initiative and other partnerships to scale climate and development impact.

Thanks to all of our supporters, stakeholders and partners for your support and collaboration during 2021.  

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