UPDATED 03 July 2024

Climate Ledger Initiative 2022 report

Gold Standard is a founding member of the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI), which has published the fifth edition of its ‘Navigating Blockchain and Climate Action’ report. 


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    Juerg Fussler,
    INFRAS, Switzerland
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    Rocio Garcia,
    Climate Ledger Initiative, Peru
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    Madeline Guyer,
    INFRAS, Switrzerland
  • Owen Hewlett,
    Chief Technical Officer, Executive
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    Anik Kohli,
    INFRAS, Switrzerland
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Climate Ledger Initiative report 2022

Cover CLI 2022 report

The fifth edition of our Navigating Report focuses on the role of digital approaches to scaling carbon markets and improving their environmental integrity.

After providing some of the context, the report offers reflections on digitalization efforts within standards bodies. Based on specific research projects and use cases, it also examines digital approaches to increasing environmental integrity in monitoring and reporting, verification and the issuance of carbon credits, as well as registry infrastructure and carbon tokenization. In addition, the report discusses digitalization for tracking sustainable development impacts.

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