UPDATED 29 June 2023

Defining A Corporate Climate Finance Commitment

In the evolution from carbon management to corporate climate stewardship, best practices converge on key pillars to inform a robust climate strategy.


Read Corporate Climate Stewardship Guidelines These pillars, outlined in the accompanying Corporate Climate Stewardship Guidelines, include measurement and disclosure of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reducing emissions according to what science shows is necessary to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees, actively supporting global decarbonisation through contributions to climate finance, and advocating for strong policy to help ensure other companies align their strategies with a climate-secure future.

This guide, "Defining A Corporate Climate Finance Commitment" focuses on the third pillar, “Finance the global transition to a zero-carbon, resilient economy.” It presents the rationale and guidance for business to engage in climate finance in the era of the Paris Agreement, which builds on the market instruments many companies have used to drive decarbonisation beyond their own borders. Emerging mechanisms focus on supply chain interventions and also address the growing need for climate resilience and adaptation to climate change already underway.

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