UPDATED 21 June 2024

Fairly contributing to global Net Zero - Initial framework for organisational climate mitigation strategies

If global mitigation goals are to be achieved it is essential that all organisations become positive contributors to global net zero and beyond.


At the same time and recognising that this may be motivation enough for some organisations, others may need support in recognising the value of this shift in thinking and to have the tools and roadmap to implement it.

This document, a Framework for climate mitigation strategies, is intended for use by companies, their stakeholders and those that scrutinise corporate climate mitigation practices.

 This Framework is designed to be read alongside its associated document: Gold Standard’s ‘Considerations for credible claims’, which considers the good practices that organisations should consider when promoting their climate progress.

 Both documents are presented for discussion and feedback during 2023 with a view to fully developed versions for climate (including adaptation) and nature in the 2024 edition.

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