UPDATED 03 July 2024

Gold Standard Annual Report 2022

We look back on 2022 with a sense of profound achievement. Our work, and that of our partners and stakeholders, made a real impact on our collective progress towards a climate-secure and sustainable future


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Our projects and programs led to 32.5B USD in shared value: benefits from climate actions, clean energy access, improved health, forest conservation, and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the real measure of our success. In carbon markets, we issued 43 million credits and retired 36 million in 2022 – a new high for Gold Standard. This stands as proof of our growing impact and our support for sustainable development and the world's progress towards net zero.

Innovation and expansion were key themes of the year. We revised and introduced new methodologies, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of our standard. The launch of our new Portfolio Requirements marked a significant step forward, aiding funds and portfolio managers in maximising their sustainable development impacts. This development, coupled with the forthcoming Fund Requirements Registry, promises to foster greater accountability and impact.

As a small organisation, our work with partners is pivotal. The development of the IUCN Nature Based Solutions Standard and the launch of the Adaptation Framework, in partnership with Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC), underline our commitment to developing robust and effective solutions for climate adaptation.

Our proactive approach to technology and innovation led us to collaborate with The IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK, on an open collaboration supported by funding from These partnerships have the potential to define and revolutionise the future of the carbon market.

Support and services saw significant enhancements. By streamlining key processes and rolling out our Sustainable Development Goals tool, we have made great strides in standardising impact reporting and easing the certification cycle. The expansion of our standard management and assurance team and the establishment of dedicated stakeholder liaison positions underscore our commitment to providing efficient and comprehensive support.

We are also proud of the pathways we provided for CDM-certified projects to transition to our Gold Standard for the Global Goals, ensuring the continued issuance of vital carbon credits amidst regulatory uncertainties.

Our international partnerships flourished, notably with the launch of the ECCC-PA programme in the Pacific Alliance and the signing of MOUs with various governments, including Singapore. These partnerships not only expanded our global footprint but also reinforce the credibility and acceptance of our credits globally.

As ever, we remain dedicated to engaging with and learning from our stakeholders. The insights gained from our round-table discussions and COP meetings will shape our future direction, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of addressing market challenges and advancing our mission.

2022 was a year of growth, innovation, and impact. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, our valued stakeholders, as we collectively strive towards a climate-secure and sustainable future.

As we enhance our efforts, our mission remains the same: to marry environmental integrity with sustainable development, always with a keen eye on those most vulnerable. Thank you for your support and partnership. Together we achieve amazing things.

Margaret Kim, Gold Standard CEO

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