UPDATED 29 June 2023

ICS methodology guidebook + energy factsheet


In an effort to improve accessibility and streamline our processes for project developers, we are pleased to release the Gold Standard Improved Cookstove (ICS) Methodology Guidebook. Developed in partnership with the Fundación Natura Colombia (FNC), this guidebook aims to assist project developers in evaluating and choosing the methodology that is best suited to their cookstove projects. It provides an overview of applicability, greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification approaches and monitoring requirements for improved cookstove projects that apply the approved CDM and Gold Standard methodologies. It also provides a comparison of requirements, accounting approaches and resource requirements for each methodology and lends suggestions for applying these methodologies in practice. The ICS Methodology Guidebook complements our ICS Activities Guidebook which presents a broad overview of Gold Standard cookstove projects and analyses the challenges and opportunities in increasing adoption among communities who are vulnerable to the negative effects of traditional cooking regimes. Additionally, we are releasing a new Factsheet for developing Gold Standard projects under the energy scope. Aimed at easing the process for new project developers, this interactive Factsheet provides straightforward explanations of our principles and certification cycle, as well as direct links to the relevant Gold Standard literature and resources.

Key technical documentation translated to Spanish can be found here.

Download Methodology Guidebook: English / Spanish
Download Energy Factsheet: English / Spanish

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