Gold Standard Improved Cookstove Activities Guidebook

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Gold Standard Improved Cookstove Activities Guidebook.

This report, developed in partnership with Microsol, focuses on the impacts, challenges and opportunities of implementing improved cookstove projects. It is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and World Vision Australia as a part of the Financing Efficient Cookstoves for Rural Andean Communities programme, which promotes the use of clean cookstoves in Peruvian Andean communities for better health and a better environment.

It is clear that traditional cooking activities take a heavy toll on human health and the environment. Improved cookstoves represent a strong opportunity for addressing these effects at a grassroots level. But in order to secure widespread transformational changes, the adoption of improved cookstoves must increase beyond current levels. This guidebook analyses the challenges and opportunities in increasing adoption as they relate to addressing unique cultural contexts, overcoming price barriers, increasing awareness, and undergoing design processes that satisfy end-user needs.

Within the context of these challenges, our guidebook emphasises the vital role carbon finance plays in increasing demand for improved cookstove projects. Willingness-to-pay is often cited as a primary barrier among end-users in transitioning from traditional to cleaner, more efficient cookstoves. Through carbon finance, project developers may reduce this barrier while ensuring the long-term viability of their efforts.

The conclusions of the report are reflected in a holistic review of Gold Standard Improved Cookstove activities around the globe, including Nepal, Brazil, Peru, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Bolivia, Malawi, Lesotho, and India.

The ICS Activities Guidebook complements the ICS Methodology Guidebook, which helps project developers choose the right methodology for their cookstove projects. 

Download the full report: Gold Standard Improved Cookstove Activities Guidebook>>


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