Gold Standard provides clear, actionable guidance and frameworks that enable companies to drive high integrity climate action. To ensure transition from ambition to action, Gold Standard also creates verifiable sustainability impacts that provide assurance to investors, companies, governments, and civil society.  We help businesses minimise their negative impacts on the environment and grow into organisations that are supporting our collective journey to global net zero and the sustainable development goals.

Scope 3 principles and reporting guidelines that allow companies make indirect investments throughout their supply chain.

Supporting companies to work with public entities, local stakeholders and even competitors to contribute to sustainable impacts both within and beyond their value chains.

High quality carbon credits with verified contributions towards at least three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDG Impact Dashboard offers open access to discover the climate and sustainable development impacts of Gold Standard-certified projects through visualisations. Companies can use the Dashboard to find projects aligned with corporate net zero goals. 

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