UPDATED 28 June 2024

Driving Climate and Sustainable Development Impact

Drive climate action + Sustainable Development impact within and beyond your value chain

Gold Standard is a world leader in climate, nature, and sustainable development action. Bringing together expertise across value chain interventions, beyond value chain interventions, carbon markets, corporate claims and multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Gold Standard develops assurable mechanisms for delivering critical climate finance and supporting companies in meeting their voluntary and regulatory targets.


With increased media attention and regulatory changes, its never been more important for companies to act with integrity and ensure they communicate effectively.


Want to know where to start?

Firstly, read our four part corporate sustainability blog series to find out about how your organisational net zero goals can fit into global goals, why scope 3 targets should evolve over time, and how to mitigate the tops reputations risks companies face, and more.

Secondly, explore our guidance documents to support the development of your net zero strategy


Gold Standard’s Contributing Fairly to Global Net Zero - Initial framework for organisational climate mitigation strategies paper helps companies understand how to act credibly on climate, the environment and society. It details a variety of solutions to meet climate targets and deliver sustainable development impact - both within and beyond their corporate value chains.


Our Contributing Fairly to Global Net Zero - Considerations for credible claims paper, provides practical guidance that enables businesses to credibly and accurately talk about their climate mitigation actions at an organisational performance level.

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