UPDATED 27 February 2024

Sell Your Carbon Credits : The Gold Standard Marketplace

What is the Gold Standard Marketplace and what can be sold?

The Gold Standard Marketplace is an online portal through which project developers can sell their carbon credits to individuals, SMEs, corporations, and other organisations. The credits sold through the Marketplace are retired in real-time in the Impact Registry for full traceability and a certificate to document the purchase is provided directly to the buyer.

Only Gold Standard-certified, issued Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VERs) can be sold via the Gold Standard Marketplace.

The Marketplace also has an optional service called the “Marketplace Integration Kit”, which enables third parties to sell Gold Standard-certified credits through their website/app using an application programme interface (API) that connects to the Gold Standard Marketplace and Registry. The aim of this Integration Kit is to increase exposure to Gold Standard-certified projects in a quick, easy, and transparent way, helping to drive more finance directly to the projects. Project developers can choose whether or not to include projects in this Marketplace Integration Kit when submitting the online application form. 

How is the project pricing calculated?

Gold Standard sets a minimum price for each project type, using the Fairtrade carbon credit pricing model adjusted upward according to the additional economic value created in sustainable development i.e. by 2 cents for every $ of shared value created. We set this minimum to ensure the Marketplace actively promotes sustainable pricing for projects. 


Project Developers can then choose to sell their credits at this price or any price above this minimum.


Marketplace fees

Gold Standard charges a fee of 15% of sales value for credits sold through the Gold Standard Marketplace.

  • Roughly 8% is allocated to forex and transactional fees: 3.5% on average is charged by PayPal/Stripe, and 4.5% in exchange rates.
  • The remaining 7% of the fee is used for administration and to cover the external costs for hosting and maintaining the platform and the relevant APIs to enable real-time credit retirements.


Payments to project developers for carbon credits sold via the Marketplace are made on a quarterly basis, after a full reconciliation to check the number of credits sold matches the credits retired and money received. Project developers will receive the sales report and payment with the 15% fee deducted. 

How to add a project to the Gold Standard Marketplace

There are two steps for uploading a new project to the Marketplace:

1 - Complete the online form including:

  • agreement to the Terms and Conditions
  • information for your project profile including at least three high-resolution images that bring your project to life, and a quantitative list of verified benefits to help promote your project.
  • opt in / out of your project inclusion in the Marketing Integration Kit

New projects are added to the Marketplace at the start of each quarter. You will receive confirmation of the scheduled date for your project listing.  

2 - Transfer the credits (VERs) you’d like to sell on the Marketplace to the Gold Standard Project Marketplace registry account (account number 1054847). Additional credits can be added or unsold credits can be transferred back to your account at any time if required.  Please notify us of the transfers.

For any enquiries on the Gold Standard Marketplace please contact us via our online form or at [email protected] and see our FAQs.

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