Climate leadership guidance

Developed in collaboration with leading civil society organisations, Gold Standard provides companies with best practice guidance to reduce emissions -- within and beyond their boundaries --and credibly report impact against climate targets in alignment with relevant protocols and initiatives. 


Corporate Climate Stewardship Guidelines

PUBLISHED 13 May 2018


Companies looking to take climate action are advised to start with the right strategy. Gold Standard worked with WWF and CDP to develop Corporate Climate Stewardship: Guidelines for best practice climate action to support companies in setting ambitious strategies that are in line with the ambition of the Paris Agreement. This helps business reduce climate risk and create value by answering to increasing customer, investor and civil society demands for strong climate action.


Four key pillars to climate stewardship

Gold Standard focuses primarily on 2 REDUCE and 3 FINANCE under the mantra: “Reduce emissions within boundaries; finance beyond.”

For companies seeking to reduce their emissions, find out more about the practical tools developed by Gold Standard and its partners to remove barriers to addressing value chain (scope 3 emissions) in our Value Change Programme.

For organisations looking to support emission reduction projects beyond their own corporate boundaries, learn more about how high integrity carbon offsetting can help finance the global transition to a zero-carbon economy.


Defining a corporate climate finance commitment

PUBLISHED 13 April 2018



The guide Defining a corporate climate finance commitment focuses on Pillar 3 of the Corporate Climate Stewardship guidelines, providing more information on how companies can “finance the global transition to a zero-carbon, resilient economy” and contribute to the Paris Agreement by funding emission reductions beyond their own corporate boundaries.


NOTE: The Gold Standard marketplace for carbon credits is limited in volumes and best serves small businesses. Businesses seeking larger procurement should contact a retailer or broker of carbon credits.