UPDATED 04 July 2024

High Integrity Carbon Credits

While reducing our emissions cannot be deprioritised, high-integrity carbon credits serve as a tool to take responsibility now for emissions that cannot yet be eliminated, contributing to the global net zero ambition. Even better, these credits go beyond simply reducing carbon emissions. They deliver meaningful, verified impact toward the Sustainable Development Goals, providing direct benefits for the communities that need it most.

Support high integrity projects with carbon credits

ISEAL Alliance Gold Standard is the only carbon market standard that is a code-compliant member of the ISEAL Alliance, the leading membership body for excellence in sustainability systems. This means our governance for standards setting, assurance, and oversight is scrutinised independently and monitored in line with good practice.

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Gold Standard VERs under Carbon Pricing Policies

Use of Gold Standard VERs under Carbon Pricing Policies

A growing number of countries have introduced carbon pricing policies, placing a price on GHG emissions through carbon taxes, emissions trading systems or other mechanisms. 

Gold Standard-issued VERs are eligible for use under four national carbon taxes globally, allowing companies to use VERs to meet some or all of their tax compliance obligations. By taking this route, companies can provide finance for activities delivering certified impact towards climate security and sustainable development, under our internationally-recognised standard. 

Gold Standard VERs are currently eligible under carbon taxes in four countries globally. Country specific guidance documents can be downloaded by clicking on the country names below:

Guidance provided by Gold Standard for the retirement of VERs towards compliance taxes should be read alongside regulations and guidelines provided by the relevant national authorities. 

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