Gold Standard at COP28

The 2023 UN Climate Change Conference will convene from 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Attending from Gold Standard

  • Margaret Kim, CEO
  • Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer
  • Sarah Leugers, Chief Growth Officer
  • Yuval Tchetchik, Senior Manager of Strategy and PM&E
  • Felicity Spors, Senior Director of Sustainable Finance & Innovation
  • Hugh Salway, Senior Director of Market Development and Partnerships
  • Jamie Ballantyne, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Dr Lokesh Chandra Dube, Senior Manager of Standard Development & Innovation
  • Claire Willers, Senior Manager of Market Relations
  • Kavya Bajaj, Government Relations Manager


Saturday 2nd December 2023

1Business & Philanthropy Forum

Harnessing Natural Capital for Net Zero: A Focus on Africa, Latin America, and SE Asia

This high-level panel discussion is part of the ‘Business and philanthropy climate forum’ and explores the challenges and solutions to establish a fair, transparent, and socially inclusive framework to invest in regions rich in natural capital, incorporating perspectives from major global carbon sinks such as Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Gold Standard Foundation will present on how carbon markets and broader sustainable finance can help restore and preserve natural ecosystems while providing meaningful development benefits to host countries and communities.


  • Moderator - Mr James Mwangi, Founder and CEO, Africa Climate Ventures 
  • HE President William Ruto, President, Kenya (invited)
  • Mr Samaila Zubairu, President and CEO, Africa Finance Corporation
  • Hon Minister Arlette Soudan-Nonault, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Republic of the Congo (invited)
  • Margaret Kim, CEO , Gold Standard
  • Ana Haurie, Co-Founder and CEO, Respira
  • Arief Rabik, Chairman and Founder, Bamboo Village Trust
  • Peter Fernandez, Co-Founder and CEO, Mombak



Sunday 3rd December 2023

Breakfast meeting: 07:30 - 10:00 - Invitation only.

Sustainable Development Solutions Network [SDSN] Global Commission on Urban SDG Finance

The SDSN Commission aims to overcome obstacles hindering progress in achieving SDGs due to cities' limited access to international legal and institutional structures.

This event will analyse barriers, evaluate proposals, and develop innovative strategies to align the Global Financial Architecture (GFA) with urban needs. By Spring 2024, the Commission plans to produce actionable reforms for the GFA, new mechanisms for urban SDG finance, and in-depth briefs addressing impediments to urban SDG finance, along with scenario-based analyses of options for urban SDG finance.

Additional information on the 2-day program can be found on the Forum's website 


  • Felicity Spors, Senior Director, Sustainable finance and Innovation, Gold Standard as a commissioner.

The SDSN Commission is co-chaired by Jeffrey Sachs, President of SDSN; Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, France; and Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and 20-25 mayors, finance and urban experts, and scholars focused on addressing the critical challenges related to urban Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Finance. The University of Pennsylvania hosts the Secretariat, directed by Penn IUR Co-Director Eugénie L. Birch, and will support the Commission in providing technical and policy recommendations for urban finance.



Benin Pavilion (Blue zone)

Scaling High Quality Carbon Projects: Benin and Gold Standard's Joint Strides in Advancing SDG-Aligned Voluntary Carbon Markets

Following their collaboration throughout 2023, The Republic of Benin and Gold Standard are hosting a keynote presentation on "Scaling High Quality Carbon Projects: The Republic of Benin and Gold Standard's Joint Strides in Advancing SDG-Aligned Voluntary Carbon Markets".


  • Inaugural Remarks by the Ministry of Finance of Benin
  • Presentation on "Benin's Engagement in Advancing Voluntary Carbon Markets" - Adidjatou Hassan, President of Benin's Carbon Authority
  • Insights on "Gold Standard’s Engagement to Foster Capacity Building at Sovereign Level in the Voluntary Carbon Markets" - Margaret Kim, CEO of Gold Standard



Monday 4th December 2023

11:45-12:30 GST, The Nordic Pavilion

Voluntary carbon markets latest development in best practices

The voluntary carbon market is evolving to be fit for the Paris era. This event takes stock of recent developments in best practices for the voluntary carbon market, and explores ways forward. After an introduction to the elements of the Nordic Code of Best Practice for the Voluntary Use of Carbon Credits, a panel of public and private sector experts discuss their experiences and recommendations on promoting best practices in the voluntary carbon market. 

MODERATOR Juliana Kessler, Perspectives Climate Research


  • Malin Ahlberg, Germany
  • Owen Hewlett, CTO, Gold Standard
  • Teppo Säkkinen, Chamber of Commerce


18:30-22:00 GST, ICC Pavilion

Joint ISEAL Standards Climate Event - Measuring and reducing GHG emissions in agricultural supply chains

Highlight the impact sustainability systems are having on climate mitigation. Highlight how sustainability systems can leverage finance for climate action. Coherence on advocacy messaging important: the importance of GHG protocol and the recognition of mass-balance traceability models, importance avoiding carbon tunnel vision. Showcase our collective sustainability leadership on climate action - tools, frameworks and assurance. Explain standards: what we are, what we do and what we need to advocate traceability. Do we want to launch something? Maybe an ISEAL climate forum of all the standards working together against climate change.


  • Margaret Kim, CEO, Gold Standard
  • Owen Hewlett, CTO, Gold Standard





Tuesday 5th December 2023

13:15 - 14:45 GST, UNFCCC Side Event - Room 5

Morocco's experience in international carbon markets: Readiness and operationalization of Article 6

The side event aims to shed light on the experiences and lessons learned from Morocco on the development of international carbon markets. The workshop will delve into the evolution of Article 6 governance, including Article 6 roadmap and institutional infrastructure, and explore the pivotal role of Article 6 in supporting NDC planning and implementation. Additionally, the workshop will address the policy crediting under Article 6 aiming at accelerating mitigation action required to achieve the Paris targets. Launching new methodologies with live examples from countries, we will show how this innovative approach ensures environmental integrity to create transformational change at a national scale.


  • Axel Michaelowa, University of Zurich and Perspectives Climate Research


  • Bouzekri Razi, Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development (MTEDD), Morocco
  • Anselm Duchrow, Head of Water, Environment and Climate, GIZ Morocco
  • Fenella Aouane, Head of Carbon Pricing, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
  • Anas Felhi, Regional Manager North & West Africa, KliK Foundation
  • Sigrid E. Valberg, Senior Advisor, NMCE, Government of Norway
  • Alexandra Soezer, Global Carbon Technical Advisor, UNDP
  • Hugh Salway, Senior Director, Market Development and Partnerships, Gold Standard
  • Pedro Venzon, International Policy Advisor, International Emission Trading Association




Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development (MTEDD), Morocco and Perspectives Climate Research/ ZHAW

16:30-17:30 GST, Al Waha, Blue Zone

Accelerating a Managed and Just Phasedown of Coal

Phasedown of coal fired power plants is critical to a net-zero world; however, is faced with challenges for coal-dependent countries. This initiative focuses on an innovative market-based solution - transition credits - in line with energy resilience and Just Transition considerations, and early action across transaction entities to accelerate phasedown at scale.



  • Owen Hewlett, CTO, Gold Standard


17:00 - 19:00 GST, Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Marina

Gold Standard Stakeholder Workshop

International Stakeholder and partner workshop including a break-out session where stock is taken from 20 years of Gold Standard activities and suggestions made for improving strategy and goals going forward post COP28.


Full Gold Standard delegation



19:00 - 22:00 GST, Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Marina

Gold Standard Reception

A reception for all gold standard stakeholders and partners as well as networking opportunities for the wider carbon markets and sustainability and sustainable development community.


Full Gold Standard delegation



Thursday 6th December 2023

14:00 GST, Dominican Republic Pavilion, Blue Zone

Creating a National Digital Framework for Carbon Project Development

Our Chief Growth Officer, Sarah Leugers will participate in, this panel which will explore the conceptualization, benefits, and challenges of establishing a "National Digital Framework for Carbon Project Development." Panellists will discuss the strategic use of digital technologies and the crucial role of national coordination in streamlining the entire lifecycle of carbon projects, covering aspects from inception and validation to monitoring and reporting capabilities.


Thursday 7th December 2023

09:30 - 18:30 GST, DMCC Uptown Dubai, First Al Khail Street

Hedera Regenerative Finance Forum at COP28

The Regenerative Finance Forum is where finance meets sustainability and purpose. This event unites financial leaders, impact investors, innovators, and changemakers to explore how finance can be a force for good, promoting economic, social, and environmental regeneration.


  • Sarah Leugers, CGO, Gold Standard



Founding Partners: Supercool, Hub Culture, Formula E, E1 Series, UN Global Compact Rede Brasil, the Female Quotient, Extreme E, Hedera, Starburst Accelerator, and Future Of


Thursday 8th December 2023

15:00 - 16:30 GST, Vietnam Pavillion

Climate Impact in Asia Mega Deltas: Finding Collaborative Solutions

Evidence shows that Asian Mega-Deltas’ elevation is much lower than previously assumed. Home to 400 million people, AMD is at risk from increased incidence and intensity of floods, sea level rise, salinization of soil and freshwater, water shortage, severe cyclones and climate extremes. The direct and indirect effect of climate change in the region threatens food and nutrition security and can cause an annual loss of 6% of GDP in SEA.

The session, in which Gold Standard's Chief Technical Officer, Owen Hewlett will speak, aims to provide a space for multi-stakeholder discussion about the following topics:

  • Loss and damage
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Water and Land governance

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Event Dates: Thursday, November 30, 2023-Tuesday, December 12, 2023