UPDATED 11 July 2023


Article 6: Paper with EY Law on the Right to Use Carbon Credits, and Impact Registry Updates

In the year since the adoption of an Article 6 rulebook at COP26, Gold Standard has been working hard to prepare for its implementation and to support stakeholders to understand what it means for the carbon market. This has involved creating an Article 6 Early Movers Programme, hosting a series of webinars, piloting initiatives, and more.

In the days before the opening of COP27, we are pleased to share several new Article 6 updates.

New Impact Registry Functionality

Gold Standard has introduced new functionality into its Impact Registry, which will enable its carbon credits to be labelled as authorised and correspondingly adjusted under Article 6. This is an important milestone, which will enable project developers, buyers and other users to distinguish Article 6-authorised credits in the registry, as well as underpinning the transparent and robust implementation of Article 6.

We have today published a guidance documentfor account holders and viewers of the Gold Standard Impact Registry, to provide more information on the use of this Article 6 functionality.

New Paper – Carbon Credit Rights and the Paris Agreement

Gold Standard has also today published a new report prepared in collaboration with EY Law, exploring how the transition to the Paris Agreement and the adoption of Article 6 guidance may affect different rights related to carbon credits. Carbon Credit Rights and the Paris Agreement The development of this report was supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

It is clear that the carbon market is now operating in a new context under the Paris Agreement and that governments may begin to take renewed interest in the activities taking place within their borders. What is not yet clear is what exactly this means for carbon market actors, and whether actions by governments will work to harness investment or to hinder it.

In this paper, Gold Standard and EY Law look at this question, exploring how the new context under the Paris Agreement, with the adoption of an Article 6 rulebook and the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in most countries, might shape the way governments engage with the carbon market, and what this could mean for the private sector.

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