Carbon Forward Asia 2023 - The voluntary carbon market – can it be trusted?

04 May 2023

The voluntary carbon market – can it be trusted?

The voluntary carbon market has experienced exponential growth as more and more companies push for net zero, but there are increasing concerns voiced over the integrity of some offsets.

David Fogarty, Climate Change Editor, The Straits Times


Duncan van Bergen, Co-founder, Calyx Global

Cheryl Bowler, Carbon Lead APAC, Vertree

Federico Di Credico, Board Director, Climate Action Data Trust

Mikkel Larsen, CEO, Climate Impact X (CIX)

Hugh Salway, Senior Director Market Development and Partnerships, Gold Standard



About Carbon Forward Asia 2023

Carbon Forward is coming to Asia. With Asia contributing 53% of the world’s annual carbon emissions, join us in Singapore and add your voice to this important conversation.

Meet world-leading environmental market experts, representatives of government, investors, analysts, brokers and customers.

Carbon Forward Asia 2023 will explore

  • Developments in carbon pricing across the Asia Pacific
  • Investment opportunities across compliance carbon markets
  • Investment opportunities across voluntary carbon markets
  • EU carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) – exploring the impact
  • Transport initiatives – update on CORSIA for aviation and shipping
  • CCS crediting and VCM demand
  • Developments under Article 6 of the Paris agreement
  • Corporate climate goals
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Event Dates: Thursday, May 4, 2023