Deutsche Post DHL Group's climate protection project the first to be certified under the new Fairtrade Climate Standard

Climate neutral service offsets logistics-related emissions and improves living conditions in Lesotho.

Deutsche Post DHL Group's climate protection project in Lesotho is the first initiative to meet the Fairtrade Climate Standard, an innovative scheme developed by Fairtrade, the most widely recognized ethical certification system, and Gold Standard, the leading certification standard for climate and development. Through this project and its support for other climate protection projects, Deutsche Post DHL Group – the world's leading mail and logistics group – is able to offset logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions for its customers as part of its climate neutral services.

Fairtrade Climate Standard certification not only monitors the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but also the societal value of the project, which promotes development in Lesotho’s village communities through the use of more efficient wood-burning stoves that produce less smoke. The Fairtrade Minimum Price ensures the costs of running the project are covered, while an additional Fairtrade Premium is paid directly to the village communities to be invested in local climate adaptation initiatives. In addition to certification by Fairtrade, the Lesotho climate protection project already fulfills the criteria of both the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism and the rigorous specifications of Gold Standard.

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